Competition Rules

General rules and guidelines have been set out by the IBJJF and can be located here on the IBJJF Website

Fight times

Adults – 18 years to 30 years

White / Beginner – 5 minutes, Blue / Intermediate – 6 minutes, Purple / Advanced – 7 minutes, Brown / Elite – 8 minutes, Black / Elite – 10 minutes

Masters – 30 years and over White / Beginner – 5 minutes, Blue / Intermediate – 5 minutes, Purple/ Brown / Black – 6 minutes

Junior Belts
White, Yellow, Orange, Green & Blue

No Gi Fightwear: Any colour rash guard and shorts. Shorts must be without pockets, zippers or anything sharp that can be harmful to others.

Terms & Conditions

1. All entries must be submitted and paid before the announced deadline, however, we reserve the right to close the registration earlier if full capacity has been reached.

2. An administrative fee of maximum £2 will be added to the Registration Fee.

3. All Competitors need to verify if their details are correct on or before the date announced on Newquay BJJ Open Facebook page, also called ‘the correction day’. If any details remain wrong after the correction day, the athlete may be disqualified.

4. Registration Fee is non-refundable, any refunds or credits due to exceptional circumstances are entirely at the discretion of the Organizers.

5. No changes are permitted once the Brackets have been published.

6. Categories depend on numbers. Any category with one competitor will be merged with the nearest weight or age category unless a refund has been requested at the time of registration.

7. Registration Fee does not include personal insurance for Competitors, so if you wish to be covered while competing, you need to have your own insurance. Organizers do not accept any liability for Competitors’ or Spectators’ belongings or injuries, including death.

8. Competitors must ensure that they are fit to fight and they do not pose any risk to themselves or others.

9. All athletes should compete in accordance with the gender specified on their passport with the following exceptions. Athletes who are officially female but identify as male may enter the male division at their own risk. Athletes who are female on their ID but have begun any type of hormone therapy may not enter the female division. Athletes who are officially male may not enter the female division until their transition is complete and their ID gender is changed.

10. It is a crowd event. Photos will be taken during the event and published to promote the event. If you do not wish to be photographed, please speak to the photographer. If you find any photos inappropriate and wish for them to be removed, please let us know in writing. By entering this event, you agree to your details being published on the website (name, academy, belt, age and weight category, result). We will never publish or disclose your contact details without your prior consent. If you have any enquiries/requests relating to the personal data we hold, please contact us at

11. If the event has to be cancelled due to ‘force majeure’, the Organizer reserves the right to postpone the event and transfer the Registration Fee. The organizer must inform the Competitor as soon as possible.

12. These terms and conditions are subject to change.